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Kissena Park. . 10, the duck was first spotted near the pond in Central Park and a video was shared on social media. Amanda Quaid.

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The bill is slate-gray and the legs and feet are yellow.

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Located along the Atlantic Flyway, Central Park welcomes more than 210 bird species each year.

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. But no. Ellen Michaels, formerly a model, is currently a wildlife and nature photographer specializing in photos of the birds, butterflies, and insects of Central Park in New York City. The highest mallard densities occur in the Prairie Pothole Region of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and North and South Dakota, with nests placed in upland habitat near wetlands on the ground.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - A rare duck is going viral online after finding a new home in New York City. Wingspan: 2. .

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Many nature guides host bird watching expeditions to track, locate, and discuss many of the 235 bird species found in Central Park.

Wiki User. According to the 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife Associated Recreation, waterfowl are among North America’s most highly valued and observed natural resources.

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The city parks department is looking for a duck with a plastic ring wrapped around its beak and neck.

2700 reviews. It is a common to abundant migrant and wintering bird. They are a numerous and diverse family of birds with strong association with water, with several species. A Mandarin duck mysteriously appears in Central Park No one knows how it got there, or when, but the newly-arrived male bird to Central Park Pond has Manhattan in a flap.